Literacy Programs

Many community organizations provide services to help both children and adults with reading.

The Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles maintains a database of these various organizations, searchable by city, in both English and Spanish.

Some of the services available from these community organizations include:

Adult Basic Reading and Writing
Programs that teach English-speaking adults how to read and write through classes, small groups or tutors.

Children's Literacy
Programs that provide direct instruction in beginning reading and writing skills to children through the use of tutors.

English as a Second Language
Programs that teach reading, writing and speaking English through classes or small-group instruction.

Family Literacy
Programs that teach parents or guardians of young children how to improve their own reading and writing skills and how to build early literacy skills in their children.

Homework Assistance
Organizations that help children or youth with their homework by providing instructors and study space.

Parent Education
Programs that teach literacy and parenting skills to parents or guardians of preschool or school-age children.

Reading Enrichment for Youth
Services that motivate children and youth to read.

Spanish-Language Literacy
Programs that teach Spanish speakers how to read and write in Spanish and prepare them for English-language learning.

Tutoring for Teens
Programs that specialize in teaching special-need learners.

To find an organization where you live, click here and go to "Programs Near You/Programas"
Or Call: 1-877-READBY9

The mission of the Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles is to improve the quality of life through literacy for the individual, the family, the workplace, and the community by cultivating partnerships, resources and public awareness.

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