Saturday, April 29th
Please note that this schedule is subject to change. Please come back and re-check the site as the Festival approaches, to see updates and changes.

10:00 AM - Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson with an Introduction from Martin Smith
Schoenberg Hall PANEL 1031
Introducer Martin Smith
Mr. Dave Barry
Mr. Ridley Pearson

10:00 AM - Fiction: Revisiting History
Young Hall CS 50 PANEL 1091
Moderator Mr. Jonathan Kirsch
Ms. Jennifer Haigh
Mr. Luis J. Rodriguez
Mr. Harry Turtledove

10:00 AM - Finding the Groove: Stories from the Music Biz
Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium PANEL 1061
Moderator Ms. Holly George-Warren
Mr. Jim Fusilli
Mr. Nic Harcourt
Ms. Jen Trynin

10:00 AM - Legacy of Lincoln
Korn Convocation Hall PANEL 1071
Moderator Mr. Zachary Karabell
Mr. Josh Shenk
Mr. James L. Swanson
Mr. Sean Wilentz

10:00 AM - Mystery: Straight Shooters
Dodd 147 PANEL 1011
Moderator Mr. Leslie Klinger
Mr. Rob Roberge
Ms. Barbara Seranella
Mr. John Morgan Wilson

10:00 AM - Ray Harryhausen in Conversation with Richard Schickel
Moore 100 PANEL 1101
Interviewer Mr. Richard Schickel
Mr. Ray Harryhausen

10:00 AM - Writers: Born or Bred?
Ackerman Grand Ballroom PANEL 1121
Moderator Ms. Barbara Isenberg
Mr. Greg Iles
Ms. Amy Tan
Mr. Scott Turow

10:30 AM - Fertile Ground: Building A Creative Community
Franz 1178 PANEL 1111
Moderator Mr. Richard Rayner
Mr. John Baxter
Mr. Robert Long
Ms. Carolyn See
Mr. Michael Walker

10:30 AM - Fiction: She Said, She Said
Rolfe 1200 PANEL 1021
Moderator Ms. Leslie Schwartz
Ms. Kathi Kamen Goldmark
Ms. Susan Isaacs
Mr. Paul Mandelbaum

10:30 AM - Writing Epic History
Young Hall CS 24 PANEL 1081
Moderator Mr. Leo Braudy
Mr. Christopher Bayly
Mr. Richard J. Evans
Mr. Tim Harper
Mr. Adam Hochschild

11:00 AM - Out of the Ruins: The History of Disasters
Haines 39 PANEL 1041
Moderator Mr. Larry Mantle
Mr. Timothy Egan
Mr. Philip Fradkin
Mr. Scott Gold

11:30 AM - Chip Kidd in Conversation with Charles Solomon
Schoenberg Hall PANEL 1032
Interviewer Mr. Charles Solomon
Mr. Chip Kidd

11:30 AM - First Fiction: Breaking Out
Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium PANEL 1062
Moderator Ms. Susan Salter Reynolds
Ms. Kirstin Allio
Ms. Olga Grushin
Mr. Uzodinma Iweala

11:00 AM - Frank McCourt in Conversation with Mitch Albom
Royce Hall PANEL 1051
Interviewer Mr. Mitch Albom
Mr. Frank McCourt

11:30 AM - Mystery, Mayhem, & Murder
Dodd 147 PANEL 1012
Moderator Ms. Denise Hamilton
Mr. James Crumley
Mr. Thomas Perry
Ms. Paula Woods

11:30 AM - Science: Writing the Big Ideas
Young Hall CS 50 PANEL 1092
Moderator Mr. Robert Lee Hotz
Mr. Sean B. Carroll
Ms. Mariana Gosnell
Mr. Brad Matsen
Ms. Diana Preston

11:30 AM - Until It Hurts: Satirical Fiction
Moore 100 PANEL 1102
Moderator Ms. Patt Morrison
Mr. Seth Greenland
Mr. Colson Whitehead
Mr. Alan Zweibel

12:00 PM - Distilling Reality: The Poet’s Craft
Young Hall CS 24 PANEL 1082
Moderator Ms. Dana Goodyear
Ms. Gail Mazur
Ms. Marilyn Nelson
Mr. Donald Revell
Ms. Amy Uyematsu

12:00 PM - Fiction: Pushing the Envelope
Franz 1178 PANEL 1112
Moderator Ms. Diana Wagman
Ms. Susie Bright
Mr. Dennis Cooper
Mr. Craig Ferguson
Ms. Karen Finley

12:00 PM - Ray Bradbury with an Introduction from Alex Raksin
Ackerman Grand Ballroom PANEL 1122
Introducer Mr. Alex Raksin
Mr. Ray Bradbury

12:00 PM - Young Adult Fiction: Rites of Initiation
Rolfe 1200 PANEL 1022
Moderator Ms. Sonja Bolle
Mr. John Green
Mr. Per Nilsson
Mr. Andreas Steinhöfel
Mr. Markus Zusak

12:30 PM - Against All Odds: The Lost Boys of the Sudan
Haines 39 PANEL 1042
Moderator Mr. Davan Maharaj
Ms. Judy A. Bernstein
Mr. Alephonsion Deng
Mr. Benson Deng

1:00 PM - Biography: Great American Lives
Moore 100 PANEL 1103
Moderator Mr. Robert Weil
Ms. Blanche Wiesen Cook
Mr. Charles Bracelen Flood
Mr. Richard Reeves
Mr. Steven Watts

1:00 PM - Book Biz: The Insiders
Dodd 147 PANEL 1013
Moderator Ms. Bridget Kinsella
Ms. Betsy Amster
Ms. Kim Dower
Mr. Laurence J. Kirshbaum
Mr. Steve Wasserman

1:00 PM - Briefly Told: The Art of the Short Story
Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium PANEL 1063
Moderator Mr. Thane Rosenbaum
Mr. Tod Goldberg
Ms. A.M. Homes
Mr. Bret Anthony Johnston

1:00 PM - Michael Connelly & Robert Crais in Conversation
Schoenberg Hall PANEL 1033
Mr. Michael Connelly
Mr. Robert Crais

1:00 PM - Joan Didion in Conversation with David Ulin
Royce Hall PANEL 1052
Interviewer Mr. David L. Ulin
Ms. Joan Didion

1:00 PM - Nonfiction: Unraveling the Story
Young Hall CS 50 PANEL 1093
Moderator Mr. Eric Lax
Ms. Laurie Becklund
Mr. Steve Bogira
Mr. Kurt Eichenwald

1:30 PM - Fiction: Reinventing the Family
Young Hall CS 24 PANEL 1083
Moderator Ms. Karen Stabiner
Ms. Karen Fisher
Ms. Marti Leimbach
Ms. Ayelet Waldman

1:30 PM - The Devil in the Details: Quirky Nonfiction
Franz 1178 PANEL 1113
Moderator Ms. Meghan Daum
Ms. June Casagrande
Ms. Veronica Chambers
Mr. Martin Smith

1:30 PM - Nature Writing in the Golden State
Rolfe 1200 PANEL 1023
Moderator Ms. Jenny Price
Mr. Daniel Duane
Mr. Kem Nunn
Mr. David Rains Wallace

2:00 PM - Current Interest: The American Identity
Haines 39 PANEL 1043
Moderator Mr. Ronald Brownstein
Ms. Caitlin Flanagan
Mr. Chris Hedges
Mr. Joe Klein

2:00 PM - Dr. Laura Schlessinger with an Introduction from Tammy Bruce
Ackerman Grand Ballroom PANEL 1123
Introducer Ms. Tammy Bruce
Dr. Laura Schlessinger

2:30 PM - Behind the Screen: Hollywood Histories
Young Hall CS 50 PANEL 1094
Moderator Mr. Clancy Sigal
Ms. Cari Beauchamp
Mr. David Freeman
Mr. Richard Schickel

2:30 PM - Creating New Worlds: Young Adult Fantasy Writing
Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium PANEL 1064
Moderator Ms. Denise Hamilton
Ms. Cornelia Funke
Mr. Adam Gopnik
Ms. Margo Lanagan

2:30 PM - Defining California
Korn Convocation Hall PANEL 1073
Moderator Mr. Kevin Roderick
Mr. Peter Schrag
Mr. D.J. Waldie
Mr. Rick Wartzman

2:30 PM - The Los Angeles Times 125th Anniversary Presents: Stories That Define the West
Dodd 147 PANEL 1014
Moderator Ms. Sue Horton
Mr. Steve Lopez
Mr. Al Martinez
Ms. Sonia Nazario

2:30 PM - Mary Higgins Clark & Carol Higgins Clark in Conversation with Kelly Lange
Schoenberg Hall PANEL 1034
Interviewer Ms. Kelly Lange
Ms. Mary Higgins Clark
Ms. Carol Higgins Clark

2:30 PM - Taylor Branch in Conversation with Tavis Smiley
Moore 100 PANEL 1104
Interviewer Mr. Tavis Smiley
Mr. Taylor Branch

3:00 PM - Biography: On Their Own Terms
Rolfe 1200 PANEL 1024
Moderator Ms. Elizabeth Taylor
Ms. Deborah Martinson
Ms. Hazel Rowley
Ms. Annalyn Swan

3:00 PM - Hip Hop: Today's Music
Young Hall CS 24 PANEL 1084
Mr. Jeff Chang
Mr. Alan Sitomer Touré

3:00 PM - Step Up to Reading: Children's Picture Books
Franz 1178 PANEL 1114
Moderator Ms. Mary Ellen Walker
Ms. Marie-Louise Gay
Ms. Julie Mammano
Mr. Alan Zweibel

3:30 PM - Unearthing the Roots of Religion
Haines 39 PANEL 1044
Moderator Ms. Cathleen Falsani
Mr. Jonathan Kirsch
Mr. Jack Miles
Ms. Elaine Pagels

4:00 PM - Editors Who Write

Young Hall CS 50 PANEL 1095
Moderator Mr. Kit Rachlis
Ms. Jill Bialosky
Mr. David Ebershoff
Mr. Daniel Halpern

4:00 PM - Fiction: The Unknown Territory
Korn Convocation Hall PANEL 1074
Moderator Mr. Zachary Karabell
Mr. Bruce Bauman
Ms. Lisa See
Ms. Susan Straight
Ms. Amy Wilentz

4:00 PM - Iraq: Where Do We Go From Here?
Schoenberg Hall PANEL 1035
Moderator Ms. Marjorie Miller
Mr. Mark Danner
Mr. Scott Ritter
Mr. Robert Scheer

4:00 PM - Joyce Carol Oates Reading & in Conversation with Michael Silverblatt
Ackerman Grand Ballroom PANEL 1124
Interviewer Mr. Michael Silverblatt
Ms. Joyce Carol Oates

4:00 PM - Memoir: Vietnam Stories
Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium PANEL 1065
Moderator Mr. John Balzar
Mr. Andrew Lam
Mr. Quang X. Pham
Mr. John Sacret Young

4:00 PM - Niche Mysteries
Dodd 147 PANEL 1015
Moderator Ms. Connie Martinson
Ms. Diane Mott Davidson
Ms. Jerrilyn Farmer
Ms. Earlene Fowler
Mr. David Rosenfelt

4:00 PM - Under Siege: Life in a Culture of Conflict
Moore 100 PANEL 1105
Moderator Ms. Yxta Maya Murray
Ms. Laurie Becklund
Ms. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Ms. Loung Ung